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Patient Friendly Doctors

We all know that there are are many doctors who are not sympathetic to the ongoing needs of patients diagnosed with herpes. They tell the patient that they have herpes, hand them a prescription, and send them on their way. Often, the patient is in terrible emotional distress over the news and does not know where to turn.
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Support Package

Herpes.Org is developing a set of informational documents for use by doctors, therapists, clinics, etc, to provide a support framework for patients recently diagnosed with herpes. Until these documents are available, we suggest that as a minimum, patients be provided with the following information:

  1. Two telephone hotlines are available:
  • The Herpes Resource Center Hotline:             (919) 361-8488
  •  The CDC STD Hotline:             (800) 227-8922
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Are You Looking for a Doctor?

Dr. H., the Medical Director, is conducting a survey to determine if any of the users of  would like to find a physician who could help them with evaluation, management, and suppressive therapy. 

You can contact us with the form on the side of this page.

Share Your Thoughts

Please tell us a little about your experience with herpes.  All information is kept completely private by the Medical Director under the strict privacy policy of

Giving Blood

The American Red Cross has sent us the following statement:

“Herpes simplex is not a cause for deferral from giving blood unless the donor is ill, i.e. running a fever, feeling listless or has an outbreak of sores. Herpes is kept in the body in the nerve cells, not in the blood.”

We received this statement from Dr Haley, Sr. Medical Officer, Biomedical Services, American Red Cross, on 2nd December 1999.

Please consider donating blood to support this worthy cause.

From Tragedy to Triumph

by Gayla Baer

Several years ago I found evidence that convinced me that my husband at that time was having an extramarital affair. I began working aggressively toward a divorce. I promptly began sleeping in a separate room from my husband, with no intimacy between us. I needed to know in my mind and heart that I could provide for our twin boys, then age 3, and myself. Following three months of bartending, I was prepared to take a stand and ask him to leave. The night that I asked him to leave, we had a terrible fight, and I felt physically and emotionally abused. I refused to let him sense my fear. I simply told him, “I’d rather die than live one more day in this marriage”.
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