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Dr. H., the Medical Director of, is a Board Certified physician who has been recognized for years as being a leader in providing treatment and information for the Herpes community. Dr. H. will reply with a personal email to you as soon as possible regarding any issue discussed on this website.

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Dr. H. will answer as many of these questions as time permits, if the questions are not already covered in theFrequently Answered Questions section.

You agree, in requesting research and response from Dr. H., that you are only requesting information regarding a specific topic related to issues addressed by this website. You agree that you are not establishing a medical, physician-to-patient relationship by asking questions of Dr. H. and that you are not seeking medical care from Dr. H.. You agree that you have been informed by Dr. H. that no medical relationship has been, is being, or will be established through this interchange of information or through any information obtained through this website or from email communications with anyone related to this website. You agree to coordinate all of your medical needs, including prescribing and other treatments, with your local private physician.